South African Sativas

The cannabis of South Africa is recognized worldwide for its quality, yield and effect. The plants are nearly all Sativas, but finish flowering as early as September in northern latitudes. They are tall and elegant looking with long slender leaves and pale green buds. They often develop pink and purple tones at maturity. They tend to have a sweet yet spicy flavor and an alert mentally stimulating high.

The Seedsman has selected the most famous African strains; Durban Poison , Swazi and Malawi Gold. These all come directly from South African growers and are guaranteed to be the highest quality  Genetics  from their respective pure seed lines. If kept isolated from other cannabis types, these pure-strains will produce good, pure seed year after year.

malawi gold seeds

Malawi Gold Seeds

Genetics: Malawi Gold
Variety: Pure sativa
Type : Pure-bred, True-Breeding
Harvest Date: November
Flowering Period: 12 weeks
THC Content: 9-13%
Characteristics: Sweet taste

These are wild seeds selected from some of the most experienced Cannabis growers in Malawi. Malawi Gold is renowned as one of the best and finest sativas from Africa. In Malawi, the buds are  Cured  after being tightly bound in banana leaf to give a compact, potent, gold-coloured finish.

The flavour could be described as sweet / floral with hints of pineapple. The high has an enjoyably alert mental clarity, but is very  Psychoactive  and long lasting.

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