Skunk Haze Seeds

Original Haze is a late maturing Strain that was created in Central California. It is a pure sativa stabilized Hybrid created by Crossing the best females with a male of a different imported sativa Strain  each year. Plants from the resulting seeds grew to resemble that year's father plant. Original Haze therefore varies in taste from Thai citrus to a deep spicy purple Colombian flavour, made famous by Jimi Hendrix in his song ‘Purple Haze'.

Haze has been available in the Netherlands since the early 1980s. Increasing levels of connoisseurship led to higher prices for the exotic and flavourful (but later maturing and more costly to produce)  Haze hybrids in preference to the redundant array of Dutch Skunk  / Northern Lights type. Original Haze's popularity is still increasing.

The Seedsman brings you Original Haze direct from its original breeder. Furthermore we have four top quality F1 hybrids created from crosses between traditional female true-breeding sativa strains and an Original Haze male. Crossbreeding has combined the characteristics of the females with the excellent taste and effect of the Haze father.

indian haze seeds

Indian Haze Seeds

Genetics: Kerala x Original Haze
Variety: Pure sativa
Type: F1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: Late-October / November
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
Cannabinoid Content: 14-20%
Characteristics: Sweet smell and taste

Two of the most renowned sativa's in the world blended to create a  Hybrid  that smells & tastes very sweet and has an energetic high.


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