Skunk No. 1 was the Strain that revolutionized Cannabis culture in Holland. It gave consumers
another choice over hash and Nederwiet (literally ‘low weed'). Skunk No. 1 was the first Cannabis
 Strain in Holland to regularly mature and to consistently produce high yields of potent buds
when crops were grown from seed.

Skunk No. 1 is a three-way Hybrid combination of a Colombian / Afghan Hybrid and a Mexican
Acapulco plant. This combination was inbred in California for many years until it was fully 
Stabilized . Although Skunk No. 1 is a quarter indica , which contributes to its branchiness
and compact Bud structure, it is primarily a sweet-smelling sativa Hybrid . Despite its general
uniformity, there are several different types of Bud that can appear on Skunk No. 1, ranging
from red, hairy buds with small leaflets to large leaflets with copious Resin glands.


hindu kush skunk seeds

Hindu Kush Skunk

The Seedsman brings you Skunk No. 1 from its original breeder. Furthermore, we have five top quality F1 hybrids created from crosses between traditional female breeding strains and a male Skunk No. 1.

Genetics: Hindu Kush x Skunk No. 1
Variety: Mostly indica (87.5%)
Type: F1 Hybrid
Harvest Date: Late-October
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
THC Content: 14-20%
Characteristics: Heavy hashish plant

Hindu Kush is a long-maintained pure indica Strain from the mountains of Afghanistan. Initially selected by Sacred Seeds in the late 1970s for its excellent Hashish production due to dense buds and copious amounts of Resin . Crossing with Skunk No. 1 has helped to improve its performance outside of its natural habitat. Hindu Kush Skunk has a mesmerizing and intense high with an excellent flavour of sweet hash and fruit. It is extremely popular for its Resin yield.

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