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A brief history of cannabis arrests and seizures from around the world, from the blatantly obvious to the downright bizarre, including arrests for cultivation, arrests for possession, arrests for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cannabis arrests brought to you on a daily basis, occasionally with a hint of humour.


'could see bags of marijuana inside the sack'
March 31st 2006

Boston>bulldog named Prada A detective searching the apartment of a drug suspect wound up wrestling a sack containing 108 bags of marijuana out of the clenched jaws of a bulldog named Prada. The dog was running around carrying a tan-coloured bag Tuesday as police were searching the apartment, where they already had found a loaded gun, $1,000 cash and 14 bags of marijuana. Prada did not give up without a fight. When an officer tried to, Full Tale....


'possessing a marijuana plant'
March 31st 2006

Police reported a Kingscote male for possessing cannabis last Monday after a marijuana plant was found growing in his rear yard, along with a quantity of loose cannabis. The man will appear in the Kingscote Magistrates Court at a later date. Two days later Police responded to some anonymous information provided by a member of the public and searched a rural property on the Dudley Peninsula where they seized one cannabis plant and a quantity of dried cannabis. Police have identified the owner of the property and will be issuing that person with a $220 expiation notice in the near future, Full Madnesssssss....


'free from illegal drugs'
March 30th 2006

A group suspended after being caught smoking cannabisof schoolchildren have been suspended after being caught smoking cannabis during their lunch break. Staff at Monkwearmouth School were tipped-off that students, believed to be aged 15 and 16, had been taking drugs in nearby Seaburn dene. One parent suggested up to 11 youngsters had been excluded after an incident involving the school bus, but the school dismissed this, adding that disciplinary action had been taken "against a small number of pupils." School headteacher Phil Marshall said, Full Suspensions...


'criminal damage and extraction of electricity'
March 29th 2006

Cannabis plants with a street value of more than £140,000 were found in the raids. extraction of electricity,Police closed down two more cannabis factories last week - using thermal imaging equipment - and seized an estimated £140,000 worth of the drug.
In an attempt to get on top of the problem of cannabis production, bobbies on the beat are now being given handheld cameras - which show the heat emanating from the factories, More Extraction....


'the pilot and plane got away'
March 29th 2006

Okanogan> missing pilot....Wash. - A man and a woman from Vancouver, B.C., have been arrested in the latest of at least four apparent marijuana deliveries by float plane, but the pilot and plane got away, authorities said. Both Canadians, whose identities were not immediately released, were booked into the Okanogan County jail Thursday for investigation of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, Sheriff Frank Rogers said. "We're running ourselves ragged,'' FullEscape....


'manufacturing cannabis and trafficking cannabis'
March 28th 2006

Authorities in Osceola County, Fla., discovered more than 300 marijuana plants in a300 marijuana plants in a home's hidden room home's hidden room, according to a police report. Members of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office Community Response team received information about a possible marijuana grow house located at 1469 Manatee Street in Intercession City. When officers investigated, Full Copyright.....


China to catch drug takers with new test
March 27th 2006

Kunming> Chinese scientists have invented a device that can easily detect a drug taker simply from the way his pupils react to certain rays. The technology, developed by scientists in southwestern Yunnan province, has proved successful in six pilot projects in local villages, and have passed the assessment of the Ministry of Public Security, according to a source with provincial Department of Science and Technology. In the tests, 891 cannabis smokers were mixed with 826 non-drug takers. The device was able to catch 93.94 percent of the addicts if they smoked the drug the day before the test, and 88.52 percent of them if they did it six days before, More....


'drug smuggling is still a persistent problem in Morocco'
Morocco Times
March 26th 2006

The succeeded in escaping in his truck..cannabis resin was seized early on Friday after the customs services intercepted the truck transporting the drugs. The driver succeeded in escaping after his vehicle was stopped by security forces. Official sources said the vehicle carried false number plates. Drug smuggling is still a persistent problem in Morocco despite the current efforts to stop drug traffic and cut down cannabis-growing.A recent study jointly conducted by Morocco and the UN office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) revealed that Cannabis output in Morocco was reduced by 10% from 109,000 tons in 2003 and 98,000 tons in 2004. Morocco has also launched various development programmes aiming to replace cannabis cultivation by other crops, including fruit trees like carob, fig and olive.


'the occupant of a small boat'
Macushla N. Pinder
March 25th 2006

Three Bahamianarrested the occupant of a small boat men were arrested and a van filled with illicit drugs was confiscated yesterday in one of the biggest drug hauls for the year, according to officials. A non-Bahamian, the occupant of a small boat, was also taken into custody following the discovery of a small amount of drugs. Officers were tipped off about illicit drug activity in the South Beach area around 6:30 a.m. Friday, Superintendent Raymond Gibson, officer in charge of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) told reporters yesterday. "As a result of that information, a team of DEU officers proceeded to the Marshall Road area. When they got in the area they noticed a white van moving at a fast rate in the opposite direction," he reported, Full Report......


'Guilfoyle was detained under Section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act'
March 24th 2006

A Clare society's man was brought before Cork District Court today to face charges of having over'its a fair cop guv, society's to blame' €1m worth of cannabis resin in Cork on Wednesday. Niall Guilfoyle of 6 Tullyglass Crescent, Shannon, County Clare, was brought before the court today afternoon and charged with being in possession of cannabis resin and having the illegal drugs for the purpose of selling or otherwise supplying to others on Wednesday. Detective Garda Eileen Foster of the drugs squad in Cork arrested Guilfoyle at 5 p.m. on March 22 at the Glanmire by-pass and she testified yesterday that he was detained under Section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act, Full Confinement..


'thermal imaging cameras are being used by police'
Jon Land
March 23rd 2006

Thermal 'grow it in your basement'imaging cameras are being used by police to reveal homes concealing secret cannabis factories. The hand-held equipment detects the extreme heat created by lighting systems used in the intensive rearing of marijuana plants. Properties where cannabis is being grown will release up to 10 times the amount of heat of an average family home. Police said the crop from just one house can be worth more than £70,000. Officers in London have successfully used the cameras for the first time in the Haringey area of the capital, Full Imaging


'yet another anonymous tip off'
March 23rd 2006

A 69-year-old man has been charged with cultivating cannabis after a raid on'anonymous tip off' a Sydney home. Police searched a house on Belmore Road, Riverwood, in Sydney's southwest, yesterday following an anonymous tip off. Officers seized 160 cannabis plants, with a street value of $320,000, from a home they say was modified to grow hydroponic cannabis. The man, facing charges of cultivating and possessing a prohibited plant, will appear in Sutherland Local Court today.


'acting on information received'
March 23rd 2006

A Kianga man who pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis was fined $2000 plus Court costs'boo' in Narooma Local Court this month. The Court heard that police were acting on information received when they went to the residence of Timothy John Marsden, 30, where the defendant admitted a prohibited drug was being grown on the premises and showed officers where the plants were.


'raid uncovered six tons of hashish'
Sejal Desai/Carvin Goldstone
March 22nd 2006

A police'it's a fair cop cuv' raid on Sunday uncovered six tons of hashish valued at R600-million at a Pinetown warehouse, police announced on Monday. A special task team found the drugs, which were neatly packaged and disguised in baby milk powder packaging from China. The team also arrested two Durban brothers, aged 33 and 24, for being in possession of the hashish, a pure form of dagga, More Dagga...


'a harsh lesson in the danger of drugs'
Natasha Harris
March 22nd 2006

A Whangarei man had a harsh lesson in the danger of drugs when his car exploded during a 'the danger of fire'police chase. He was apparently trying to set fire to cannabis and drug-making equipment in his vehicle yesterday when disaster struck. The chase on mainly unsealed roads north-west of Whangarei could have been a scene from a Hollywood movie involving a helicopter, drugs, a fiery explosion, and a police dog keen for action, Full Lesson...


'cannabis may have clouded judgement'
March 21st 2006

Cannabisthe missing pilot from the story top of page? may have clouded the judgement of a pilot killed when his plane struck a ridge, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today. Gregory John Brosnan, 44, of Hawea Flat, near Wanaka, died when his plane crashed on the rocky Omarama Saddle on January 12 last year. The site, known by pilots as the Omarama ridge, is rocky and at an altitude of about 1748m. It is about 20km from Omarama. The CAA safety investigation concluded the accident may have resulted from a combination of a sudden change in the environmental conditions and the effects of cannabis in Mr Brosnan's bloodstream, Full Story.....


'and possessing a dangerous drug'
March 21st 2006

A formerproducing and possessing a dangerous drug Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service ranger has appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court in relation to a cannabis plantation found in the Cooloola National Park. Allan James Shilling, 58, of Maryborough, was charged with supplying, producing and possessing a dangerous drug, along with possessing utensils and equipment. He is due to reappear in Gympie Magistrates Court in May, Full Danger...


'stoned truckies'
March 21st 2006

Thirteen drivers have been detected with drugs and a semi-automatic rifle has been tum tee tum...seized during a three-day operation on the Barrier Highway west of Cobar in western New South Wales. Operation Road Ranger Two ran across the weekend targeting fatigue, drugs and drink-driving in the heavy vehicle industry. Of the 1,000 random breath tests that were conducted, two people were charged with low range drink-driving, More....


'plants found by the fire service'
March 20th 2006

Cannabisah shit... has been found in a Langley Mill house that caught fire last week. The property on Cromford Road was destroyed by the fire which took hold last Tuesday evening. Police say it is believed to have been caused by a large cannabis growing system in the premises. Several plants were found by the fire service during an investigation on Wednesday morning.Investigating fire officer John Caulton said, Full Find...


'Police dog finds drugs stashed in nappies'
Rebecca Hewett
March 20th 2006

Veronica Ankin, 33, was arrested at Darwin airport for taking part in an alleged planMonte to send cannabis to a remote community in a box of nappies.She was stopped by police at the airport last Tuesday during a routine drug detection operation. Police spokeswoman Sue Bradley said the woman was found in the lounge area after police drug dog Monte reacted to a bag belonging to a 22-year-old woman, Full Stash....


'no one was hurt in the accident'
March 19th 2006

A car chase turn into a drug bust in north Columbus. According to police, two cars ran into each other, but after the crash one man was seen dumping two suitcases full of marijuana out of his car. It turned out to be 81 pounds, or 180-thousand dollars worth of drugs. They aren't releasing the man's name, but he has been arrested on drug related charges. No one was hurt in the accident.


'RIRA, plants'
Dearbhail McDonald
March 19th 2006

2 Real IRA (RIRA) bomb-makers were among those arrested last week in connection with a large-scale cannabis-growing operation. The men, former associates of Michael McKevitt, the jailed leader of the RIRA, were caught loading about 600 cannabis plants onto a lorry from a disused mushroom-growing shed in Co Louth last Tuesday night. Four men, including the bombers, were arrested following the discovery of the cannabis-growing operation at Grange Bellew, More Terror.....


'the driver succeeded in escaping'
March 18th 2006

Some two tons of cannabis resin have been seized by the customs services on the road linking Tetouan and Fnideq Northern Morocco, MAP news agency reported. The cannabis resin was seized early on Friday after the customs services intercepted the truck transporting the drugs. The driver succeeded in escaping after his vehicle was stopped by security forces, Full Escape.....


'tipping off the police'
March18th 2006

Three men were arrested on Tuesday leaving an unoccupied house in Hilaryyour nicked,,, Street, Burnley, where police found 61kg of cannabis resin, numerous cannabis plants and an amount of Ecstasy. Insp. Damian Darcy praised the help of the local community in tipping off the police and said the seizure would have a significant impact on the supply of drugs in East Lancashire. The three men arrested, Irfan Ahmed (20), of Colne Road, Burnley, Hassan Latif (21), of Swinless Street, Burnley, and Michael Reilly (28), of Belgrave Street, Nelson, appeared before Burnley Magistrates' Court yesterday, More Tipping....


'a tip-off from a member of the public'
Vicky Brook
March 17th 2006

Around 500 plants, believed to be cannabis, have been seized from the loft of a home in Wellington. A team of ten police officers searched a six-bedroom family home on Bagley Road at about 9.30am last Thursday after a tip-off from a member of the public and discovered a professional hydroponics set-up in the loft. A man in his late 30s has been arrested and bailed pending forensic investigations.Sgt Richard Caburn said: "In the loft there was a professional hydroponics cannabis-growing set-up containing approximately 500 plants, Full Grass...


'fire crews had been called to the blaze'
March 17th 2006

A man and a woman from Tenbury Wells have been arrested after police raided a suspected cannabis factory while firefighters tackled a warehouse fire next door. Cannabis plants thought to have a street value of thousands of pounds were found at a unit at Clensmore Business Park in Kidderminster yesterday. Fire crews had been called to the blaze in a neighbouring unit overnight, Full Blaze.....


'proudly standing in a cannabis plot'
March 17th 2006

Police searching a man’s computer found numerous images of him proudly standing in a cannabis plot, the Gisborne District Court has heard. Richard Barrett, 26, plasterer, pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis and possession of it. He was remanded on bail for sentence on May 24. Prosecutor Sergeant Craig Smith told the court that two detectives noticed cannabis in Barrett’s garage when they visited the property on unrelated matters, Full Plot.....


'42-year-old man was arrested'
March 17th 2006

Police have seized $800,000 worth of hydroponic cannabis during a search of a Sydney house. The police raid about midday yesterday uncovered 254 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of $800,000 in the house at Birrong, south west of Sydney. They also found other items for a hydroponics set-up. A 42-year-old man was arrested and charged with cultivating a commercial quantity of a prohibited plant. He is due in Burwood Local Court today


'four-year prison sentence'
Dan Jones
March 16th 2006

An AmericanLavette Davis caught with more than $200,000 of cannabis in a suitcase at Bermuda International Airport is today starting a four-year prison sentence. Customs officials swooped on New Yorker Tonia Lavette Davis and found 4,500 grams of the drug. Crown counsel Cindy Clarke told a Supreme Court sentencing hearing yesterday that the amount found would have filled more than 9,000 $25 ‘bags’ usually sold by dealers – giving the haul an estimated street value of $227,600, Full Sentence....


'drug dog sniffs out 8 pounds of pot during stop'
March 16th 2006

Oregon State Police drug detection dog named Waldo found nearly 8 pounds of marijuanaWaldo,, waldo.... in the back of a car during a traffic stop on Interstate 84 this past weekend. Drug dog sniffs out 8 pounds of pot during traffic stop. The marijuana’s street value is estimated at around $20,000, said Lt. Greg Sherman.


'fingerprints were found on reflective silver foil'
March 16th 2006

A man has Robert Pritchard’s fingerprints were foundadmitted playing a part in setting up a cannabis-making factory on the Shropshire border. Robert Pritchard’s fingerprints were found on reflective silver foil found at the factory unit in Penley, near Ellesmere. Police had found a similar operation inside two lorry trailer units parked at a haulage yard at Trevor near Llangollen, five months earlier. At Mold Crown Court yesterday, Pritchard, of Wrexham, had denied two charges of being involved in the cultivation of cannabis,Full Forensics.....


'dawn raid'
March 15th 2006

A vast network of cannabis factories run by Vietnamese gangs and producing tensVietnamese gang members? of millions of pounds worth of drugs has been uncovered by police. More than 20 Scotland Yard officers swooped on one of the factories at a terraced house in a quiet residential street in Woodhill, south east London, at dawn. Officers found around 600 cannabis plants spread across four floors and a total of seven people were arrested in connection with the raid, Full Raid....


'tenants suspicious behaviour'
James Brockett
March 15th 2006

Police have tenants suspicious behaviourseizied cannabis with an estimated street value of £72,000 in a raid on a South Harrow house this week. Officers launched the raid after the landlord of the house, in Somervell Road, had called to tip them off about his tenants' suspicious behaviour. Using a warrant, police forced entry and inside discovered a fully operational cannabis factory. Three out of the four bedrooms were filled with 300 separate cannabis plants. Along with the plants, the team seized six black plastic bin liners that were full of harvested leaves, and being prepared for onward distribution, Full Suspicions......


'a request for bail was made'
March 15th 2006

A Barbuda man has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison after pleading not guilty to'let me out man' possession of one .30 ammunition and a 12 gauge cartridge. Shornel Ashton also pleaded guilty to the charges of possession of 35 grams of cannabis seeds and cultivation of 68 cannabis plants. The prosecution withdrew a charge of possession of cannabis.
A request for bail was made, Full Request....


'officers from the State Crime Command Drug Squad'
Toni Bell
March 14th 2006

CannabisStrike Force Lush plants worth more than $1.4 million were destroyed at Wingham and Warrell Creek timber mills late last week. The plants had been seized during a four-day operation, known as Strike Force Lush, from Crown and private land at Kendall, Comboyne, west of Kempsey and into Nambucca Shire. Officers from the State Crime Command Drug Squad and Mid North Coast Local Area Command, with the assistance of Polair and the dog unit, removed 718 cannabis plants, some measuring as high as two metres, Full Operation....


'smoking up to 40 cones of cannabis a day'
Alyssa Braithwaite
March 13th 2006

A man bludgeoned his "nagging" elderly mother to death with a steel pipe because he couldn't stand the thought of becoming her full-time carer, a court has been told. Phillip Raymond Parkes, The late Grace Parkes 8349, pleaded guilty in the NSW Supreme Court last November to murdering his almost blind mother at her home in Sydney's northern beaches in January 2005. Grace Parkes, 83, was bludgeoned to death with an iron pipe and her Collaroy Plateau house was ransacked by her son in an attempt to paint her death as a bungled robbery.He admitted to smoking up to 40 cones of cannabis a day and taking amphetamines in the months leading up to the murder, Full Madness....


'shot while smuggling marijuana'
Alexis Huicochea
March 12th 2006

A Mexican Make my day,man was shot and killed Friday night while smuggling marijuana into the country by crossing through the desert, according to the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Detectives said late Saturday that the man's death was related to a drug "rip-off" during which he was shot. Deputies were called to Kino Hospital around 10:30 p.m. Friday where they found the man dead from a gunshot wound, said Deputy Dawn Barkman, a department spokeswoman, Full Shooting....


'Customs seize 646kg of cannabis resin'
March 11th 2006

When Customs inspected a lorry parked on an industrial estate on the Isle of Graintip of the iceberg they found 646kg of cannabis resin worth £1.7million. Weeks later, the same man who had loaded the drugs into the lorry was stopped, with another, at the Channel Tunnel at Cheriton with nearly £40,000 cash on them, proceeds from drugs, said the prosecution at Canterbury Crown Court, Full Seizure....


'biggest ever cannabis crops found in New South Wales'
March 11th 2006

Two AdelaideJim Mouroufas 'left' and Michael Nicolitsi men will spend at least two years in jail for their role in cultivating one of the biggest ever cannabis crops found in New South Wales. Jim Mouroufas and Michael Nicolitsi, both 55, were sentenced today in the Sydney District Court. They were found guilty of helping to cultivate a $40 million cannabis plantation at Narrabri in western New South Wales. The court heard that 2,700 plants were found by police during a raid in April 2004. Judge Penelope Hock said while the men had played a minor role in the criminal organisation, they were still found guilty of very serious offences.


Annual Cannabis Eradication Program
March 10th 2006

Police have seized cannabis plants worth more than $1.4 million during a four-day operation on the state’s Mid North Coast. This week’s operation – named Strike Force Lush – was part of the State Crime Command Drug Squad’s annual Cannabis Eradication Program. Since November last year the Drug Squad has worked with local area commands to target five areas across the state. Drug Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent David Laidlaw, said the 2005-06 program so far has been successful, More Success......


'14 years imprisonment and a fine'
March 9th 2006

More than14 years imprisonment and a fine,' struth' 450 cannabis plants were seized from a farm at Knowles Lane, Halland, during a dawn raid today (March 9).
A man and a woman both in their 40s were arrested for cultivation and abstracting electricity. Thirteen Wealden police officers raided the farm just before 6am. Police say the factory is one of the most high-tech and well organised they have seen, Full Abstract.....



'unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia' 'tweezers'
Sutton and Newman
March 9th 2006

Efforts continue to apprehend two men who fled from local authorities in theHome of the Free... last few days. Neither Donnie Newman, Carmi, nor Tony E. Sutton, Concord, were in custody as of press time late this morning. Sutton, 37, was formally charged Tuesday in White County Circuit Court with three counts of driving after his license had been revoked, as well as fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, resisting a police officer, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia (tweezers used to inhale cannabis) and unlawful possession of no more than 2.5 grams of cannabis. Cash bail security was set at $8,000. Full Madnessssss......



'refused bail'
March 8th 2006

A 71 year 71 year old manold Sydney man has been charged with drug and firearm offences after a raid on a Sydney home. Police executed a search warrant at the house in Cathryn Place, Aalor Park, about 9pm yesterday and found several firearms including a .22 calibre semi automatic and 84 cannabis plants. The 71year-old was arrested and later charged with several offences including possessing an unregistered firearm. He has been refused bail and will appear at Backtown Court later today.


'plants street value of about $600,000'
March 7th 2006

Batemans Bay police seized nearly 300 cannabis plants in an drug operation covering the  A police helicopterarea from the Batemans Bay to Cobargo last week. The anti-theft-drug unit operation targeted drug cultivation. The police helicopter was used to conduct an extensive aerial search of the region. Properties in the Cobargo, Bermagui, Moruya and Bodalla areas were raided, but unit leader Sergeant David Scott said most of the plants were found on Crown land, More....


'following a high-speed car chase'
March 6th 2006

Two 200 kilograms of marijuana Indonesian soldiers have been arrested in the capital Jakarta for possession of almost 200 kilograms of marijuana and may face a 10-year jail term if convicted, police said today. Detectives arrested marine Efrizal, 31, following a high-speed car chase Saturday and after he was questioned, they nabbed a second marine also accused of involvement in the haul, Jakarta police spokesman Untung Yoga Ana told AFP, Full Chase.....


'two counts of manufacture'
March 5th 2006

A South Side man was arrested in a drug bust Friday night that netted more than $250,000Alfonso Rodriguez worth of cannabis, police said. Alfonso Rodriguez, 39, of the 3200 block of West 56th Street, was charged with two counts of manufacture and delivery of cannabis, said police News Affairs Officer Patrice Harper, More....


'the value of the plants'
March 4th 2006

A NorthJudge Merfyn Hughes QC Wales man yesterday admitted cultivating cannabis after about 1,000 plants were seized by police. Andrew Lawler, 32, of Ty'n y Celyn, Llanelidan, near Ruthin, also admitted possessing the plants with intent to supply. But Judge Merfyn Hughes QC adjourned the case for evidence to be called because of a dispute about the value of the plants. The prosecution claims cannabis from the plants is worth anything between £16,000 and £67,000, Full Value....


'Tom Shapiro is getting his plants back'
March 3rd 2006

A Regina AIDS patient whose supply of medicinal marijuana was seized by police after hisTom Shapiro Health Canada licence to grow the drug expired is getting his plants back. Tom Shapiro won a legal battle last month after police seized both his plants and growing equipment in January. In February, the federal justice department stayed the charges and Shapiro was allowed to take his equipment back, Full Refund....


'cannabis factory and gutted by fire'
March 2nd 2006

The building'Struth' looks like any that has fallen victim to a fire: charred window frames sit next to a satellite dish, with chairs and a table abandoned in the garden. Only later - after the blaze - does it emerge, to the surprise of neighbours, that this was yet another Tottenham house converted into a cannabis factory and gutted by fire, More.....




The RCMP dismantles an international drug distribution network on the internet
March 1st 2006

MONTREAL, Feb. 28 /CNW Telbec/ - The members of the Marihuana Grow
Operations Enforcement Team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police concluded
their first major operation when they uncovered a Montreal based criminal
organization involved in the trafficking, importation and exportation of
cannabis seeds, as well as in conspiring for the purpose of cannabis
cultivation via the Internet. This operation was launched in November 2004
under the name "Courriel" and culminated with the seizure of 200,000 cannabis
seeds and the arrest of seven persons.
Project "Courriel" revealed that Richard Hratch BAGHDADLIAN, 38, from
Marsan Street in Montreal, and six other persons operated the Heaven's
Stairway company. This company was on the web claiming to be the North
American supplier for indoor and outdoor cannabis production.
The cybercompany Heaven's Stairway used the Internet sites,,,,, and These sites were used to order cannabis seeds online and
obtain information on cannabis cultivation. These Internet sites also
suggested ways to outsmart the police.
Richard Hratch BAGHDADLIAN was the instigator, head and main beneficiary
of the illicit company Heaven's Straiway. The other six accused acted as
couriers and performed other duties for the company. They are Geoffrey CHAN,
33, Maria Cristina CIVITILLO, 32, Natalie BAGHDADLIAN, 40, Manuel Bento
FERNANDES, 45, Christopher ALMOND, 38, and Teresa RODRIGUES, 39. They all live
in Montreal except Christopher ALMOND who livesovergrow, farewell, in Ville Saint-Laurent.
The organization processed approximately 30 orders of cannabis seeds a
day averaging $100 each. The seeds were sent to clients by regular mail.
The seven people are facing 49 charges under the Controlled Drugs and
Substances Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The offences were committed in
Quebec, Canada, North America, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world
between March 12, 1998 and January 31, 2006.
Nine searches were carried out during the week of January 30, 2006 in
order to gather evidence that criminal activities had been committed. The
searches were conducted in Montreal and Laval, as well as in the residences of
three of the accused, a business, three post office boxes, a vehicle and a
safe-deposit box.
These searches led to the seizure of 200,000 cannabis seeds, more than
$183,362 in US currencies and $14,000 in Canadian currencies, both in cash and
postal money$183,362 in US currencies orders, three one-kilogram gold bricks, a Harley-Davidson
motorcycle, a Mazda RX8 and many purchase orders. Since the searches were
conducted, 272 orders have been intercepted by the police.
The amount of seeds seized during the searches could have made it
possible to operate approximately 500 cannabis greenhouses of 400 plants each,
which represent 42 million joints sold on the street.
The seven accused are liable to 10 years' imprisonment. Since the
possession of cannabis seeds is illegal under Schedule II of the Controlled
Drugs and Substances Act, clients of the network could also receive a visit
from the police. It should be noted that Project "Courriel", a first in Canada, is the
fruit of the work of the new Marihuana Grow Operations Enforcement Team. This
new drug enforcement team is one of the seven teams established by the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police across Canada in 2004 to combat the scourge of
marihuana. The main objectives of these teams are to interdictRichard Hratch BAGHDADLIAN and friends... drugs before
they arrive in our communities and to target and destroy the infrastructure
and the networks used by criminal organizations involved in marihuana
production. These organizations constitute a threat to public safety and well-

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