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A brief history of cannabis arrests and seizures from around the Globe, from the blatantly obvious to the downright bizarre, including arrests for cultivation, arrests for possession, arrests for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cannabis arrests brought to you on a daily basis, occasionally with a hint of humour.


'denied a charge of unlawful importation'
June 30th 2006

A Whyteleafeasked her if it was her bag and she said it was... woman who brought £34,000 of cannabis was caught by customs officials trying to swap suitcases at Gatwick airport.Nazimoon Pereira, of Littlegrange, Portly Wood Road, Whyteleafe, was jailed for two years at Croydon Crown Court heard on Thursday. She had denied a charge of unlawful importation but was convicted. Airport customs worker Andrew Young said the 52-year-old mum-of-two landed at the airport on a Britannia flight from Jamaica on November 9 last year. At a baggage reclaim belt he saw a black bag with no labels on it. Mr Young told the court: "A woman approached it and I asked her if it was her bag and she said it was, Full Denial.....


'residents invited to execution'
June 29th 2006

3 drug dealers were executed yesterday after hearing their sentences read out in front of 1,300 Shanghai residents who were invited to a university campus to witness an one of the drug salesmen, Zeng Xiaohua... object lesson on the ills of narcotics. More than 400 kilograms of drugs were burned after those defendants and two others received formal notice of their sentences at the Shanghai University of Sport in Yangpu District. The activities were held to mark World Anti-drug Day, which fell on Monday.[my emphasis] Three of the drug salesmen, Zeng Xiaohua, Chen Genbao and Wang Aiyi, were taken to an undisclosed location in the suburbs to be shot immediately after they were sentenced. Zeng, a Hubei Province resident, was convicted of selling more than 2 kilograms of heroin and methamphetamines. Chen, from Shanghai, was caught with 1.2 kilograms of drugs, and Wang, of Heilongjiang Province, transported more than 3 kilograms of drugs, authorities said, Full Sentence....


'Cannabis throwing, Scotsman jailed'
June 28th 2006

A 30-year-oldno scotsmen images.. man who threw a sock containing £300 worth of cannabis over the wall of Edinburgh's Saughton Prison has been jailed for nine months. David Geddes had pleaded guilty previously at the city's sheriff court to attempting to unlawfully supply the drug on 30 November 2005. Sentence had been deferred for background reports. Solicitor Leanne McQuillan said Geddes had been on remand from the prison and it was a favour for an inmate. On Geddes's release, More Throwing....


'appeared nervous and hesitant'
June 28th 2006

Police gave consent to a search of the vehicle..were called about someone selling drugs from a gold Dodge Stratus in the 1300 block of Royal Palm Beach Boulevard. Police made contact with a man and his wife who were cleaning their car. The officer asked the man if they were doing anything illegal and he appeared nervous and hesitant, but said no. The couple gave consent to a search of the vehicle and the officer found marijuana. The man said it was his and he was arrested.


'firefighters suspect a growing operation'
Chad Skelton
Vancouver Sun
June 27th 2006

Firefighters battling a blaze Monday at a low-rise apartment complexstumbled across marijuana growing operations... in Burnaby stumbled across marijuana growing operations in four separate suites. Assistant Burnaby Fire Chief George Whitehurst said firefighters were called to the complex in the 6300-block of Telford at 11:22 a.m. and it took them about an hour to get the blaze under control. The fire began in a unit on the third-floor and while the cause of the fire is still under investigation, Whitehurst said firefighters suspect a growing operation found in the suite may have been the cause. As 30 firefighters battled the, Full Suspicion..


'15 arrested 12 tons of cannabis seized'
June 27th 2006

Police on Ibiza have arrested 15 people and seized almost 12 tons of cannabis, in what is the largest drugs haul the Balearic Islands have seen for the past decade. The drugs were found in a warehouse near Ibiza Port, one of several places where police searches were carried out across the island. The joint operation by Civil Guard and National Police has not ruled out more arrests. They believe the network may have links on mainland Spain, possibly in Málaga. Officers from Málaga, and also the Levante, are currently on Ibiza as part of the investigations.


'beat her and handcuffed her to the bed'
Rebecca Anna Stoil
June 26th 2006

The Rishon handcuffed her to the bed...different..Lezion Magistrate's Court was expected to remand on Monday a 42-year-old Holon resident suspected of keeping his girlfriend locked in the house. The man allegedly beat her and handcuffed her to the bed. When police responded to a complaint, they discovered 3.77 kilos of marijuana in the couple's apartment. The man was arrested on charges of possession of drugs not for personal use.


'located and uprooted 580 cannabis trees'
June 25th 2006

Police on Crete said yesterday that they had located and uprooted 580 cannabis trees in a remote area in the municipality of Mousouron. The trees were up to 3 meters tall. Police said they would carrying out similar operations on the island throughout the summer.


'Dob in a Dealer'
June 24th 2006

The District Drugs Team is urging residents in Bradford and Keighley to back its efforts to target those involved in the production of Cannabis. Through recent intelligence led operations, theyou have been dob on sir, team has come across a number of properties in which plants are being cultivated to produce the drug. The latest discovery of suspected cannabis plants was made yesterday in the Lidget Green area. Officers carried out a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act, seizing hydroponics equipment and approximately 170 plants believed to be Skunk Cannabis. These have now been sent for forensic testing. Enquiries are ongoing to trace the occupier of the premises. Detective Inspector Neil Benstead leads the activity of the Bradford District Drugs Team. He said: “Skunk cannabis can be a powerful and dangerous drug. Whilst we generally target class A dealing we are also looking to increase our focus on the production and supply of class C drugs too, Full Dobbing....


'marijuana as grown in the Apalachicola National Forest'
June 24th 2006

Federal,'George L. Colby' unlucky George state and county officers were waiting Friday morning to see if someone would come to tend to the huge suspected marijuana crop they'd discovered growing in the Apalachicola National Forest. At 9:30 a.m., a man later identified as George L. Colby entered one of the plots of marijuana plants and began to care for them, said Chris Chase, spokesman for the Leon County Sheriff's Office. He was arrested by officers from the U.S. Forest Service, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Sheriff's Office. Chase said the investigation began 14 months ago when, Full Grow....


'I never suspected anything like this was going on'
Phil Vinter
June 23rd 2006

Police believe an organised criminal gang is behind hi-tech cannabis factories found in Oxford. The news comes after nearly 400 cannabis plants, with a potential street value of tens of thousands of pounds, were discovered in police raids on two Oxford properties yesterday morning. The swoops are being linked to drugs raids carried out in recent weeks at properties in East Oxford - in Warwick Street and Fairacres Close in April, and Aston Street in May.On each occasion, police found a professional hydroponics set-up and small Buddhist shrines. The houses had been converted to incorporate metallic ventilation pipes and all had only very basic home comforts, Full Horror.....


'six months work for fucking nothing'
Richard Wood
June 22nd 2006

It was a dopethreaten to shoot their kneecaps.. grower's unimaginable dilemma. The grower and his brother caught four guys ripping off a plot of mature female plants, and everything went wrong. When the crop owner went to get his rifle and knives to deal out unspeakable punishments, two of the captives made a break for it and, after hiding in the gorse for 10 hours, called police, terrified their mates might have been murdered. The captors, knowing police might eventually turn up, were powerless to do much else but wait, periodically beat their victims and threaten to shoot their kneecaps. Defendant Melios Kyriakides Newman roared in frustration as everything disintegrated before his eyes: "All that work, six months for f . . . . . nothing. What the f . . . am I supposed to do with youse?" Full Dilemma.....


'3 arrested following execution'
June 22nd 2006

Drug-related charges were laid upon three individuals following the execution of a number of search warrants. A press release issued by the Royal St. Christopher/Nevis Police Force press and public relations office explained that the warrants were executed on Thursday in the Basseterre, St. Paul’s and Dieppe Bay areas. The authorities were searching for controlled drugs, firearms and ammunition. The searches yielded “a quantity of cannabis and a number of cannabis plants, ranging in height to approximately eight feet.”


'did he call the police himself '
Michael Cummings
June 21st 2006

A Palmerston 'good afternoon Palmerston police, how can we help...North man "scored an own goal" when he called police to investigate a burglary at his home and seemingly forgot about the 13 cannabis plants he was cultivating. The Palmerston North District Court yesterday heard that police arrived at the Wakefield home of Jeremy Daniel Loy, 27, after he was burgled in April. A burglary inquiry became a search of Loy's property for drugs after cannabis was found. "Did he call the police himself," Judge Gregory Ross asked Loy's counsel Peter Young. "Yes, sir." "In World Cup terms, it's an own goal, isn't it?" "He went ahead and called police without thinking of the plants. He certainly has scored an own goal and will have to live with the consequences of that," Mr Young said, Full Conversation...


'2 charged over website offering advice on growing marijuana'
June 20th 2006

Two men,prosecutor has filed criminal charges against the pair... aged 25 and 29, have been arrested for allegedly running two websites which advised people how to cultivate and use illegal drugs, police in Athens said yesterday. Officers raided the apartments of the two men last week and found that they were growing cannabis plants. The men were also posting photographs of the process online and advising visitors to their sites how to grow the plants and use drugs as well as advising them on the prices of illegal substances, police said. A prosecutor has filed criminal charges against the pair.


'call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111'
June 20th 2006

Cannabis worth between £500,000 and £750,000 was seized in Barnt Green and RedditchA total of 12 people were arrested in the swoops... last Thursday (June 15) as police raided 16 homes across North Worcestershire. A total of 12 people were arrested in the swoops which were part of Operation Gemini that targeted drug dealers and money launderers in a bid to get both the criminals and the substances. Detectives are also looking into how houses, high value cars and electrical equipment to the value of £1million was acquired. If the items are found to be from the proceeds of crime, the police will be able to confiscate them. The raids follow long-term intellegence gathering, Full Intellegence....


'alleged production of one cannabis plant'
June 19th 2006

A 30-year-oldone plant..... rural Salem man was given a notice to appear in court on two misdemeanor drug charges after a search warrant was executed on his home Sunday morning. Marion County Sheriff's Deputies say Christopher Craig of Bottom Road was arrested for alleged production of one cannabis plant and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Three others in the home were not charged after Craig allegedly admitted the items belonged to him. Deputies report the cannabis plant was outside the home, while a cannabis pipe was found inside.


'It's dirty work'
June 18th 2006

Drug retailers who hide their stash up theirdrugs are then washed and handed to forensics experts, nice.. bottoms are being caught out by a portable LOO. Suspects are locked in a cell housing the £8,000 processing unit until nature calls - up to 8 days if necessary. The drugs are then washed and handed to forensics experts. Devon and Cornwall Police have caught two dealers and Det Insp Paul Jones said: "It's dirty work."


'absolute discharge by magistrates'
June 17th 2006

A Terminally-ill John Miller, 59,given an absolute arrested in a police drugs swoop has been given an absolute discharge by magistrates. John Miller, 59, admitted possession of cannabis resin and amphetamines when he appeared at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates' Court. The court heard that Miller, of Clare Close, Mildenhall, used cannabis to control pain and amphetamines for depression. Drugs seized during the raid, on June 8, were 34g of cannabis resin with a street value of about £85 and a gram of amphetamines worth about £10. The raid was one of a series carried out on the same day as part of Suffolk Police's Operation Crackdown. Magistrates ordered Miller to pay £25 towards the cost of bringing the case. The court heard how he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2003.


“It’s marijuana,” Fleksher told Police,
Stuart Roberts
June 17th 2006

A tourist narrowly escaped a prison sentence after he was fined $6,000 in Magistrates’ 'found it'......Court yesterday for importing 20.24 grams of cannabis. Elan Fleksher, 24, of Pennsylvania Avenue, Boston, pleaded guilty to importing the drugs with intent to supply on June 13. Crown counsel Cindy Clarke said Fleksher had arrived on the Norwegian Majesty when a drug sniffing dog was alerted to his front right pocket. “It’s marijuana,” Fleksher told Police. Another bag of cannabis was seized from his cabin, Ms Clarke said, adding Fleksher admitted to bringing the drug here after he bought it in Boston, Full Confession..


'grow cannabis on an industrial scale'
Sami Mokbel
June 16th 2006

A failed asylumHome Office officials turned down the Arabian man's application.. seeker was allowed to stay in Thornton Heath and grow cannabis on an industrial scale after his application to stay in the UK was rejected. Home Office officials turned down the Arabian man's application but did nothing to remove him from the country.Last week Quan Le of Oaklands Avenue, Thornton Heath, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his involvement in cultivating 200 cannabis plants in his home. The case will come as a further embarrassment for the Home Office which was recently criticised for releasing foreign criminals from prison without deporting them. Some went on to re-offend and Tony Blair sacked Home Secretary Charles Clarke after a public outcry.
Croydon Crown Court heard police called at Le's home after receiving calls complaining of pungent smells, Full Grow...


' Overkill '
June 15th 2006

A gang clad in black body armour...of 3 men was arrested in a drug operation after armed officers swooped on a and carrying automatic rifles, premises in Benfleet. Residents and traders were shocked to see officers, clad in black body armour and carrying automatic rifles, swarm around the building above Classic Cars, at the Tarpots roundabout, just after 3pm on Tuesday. Police had received intelligence about suspicious behaviour at the site and firearms officers were dispatched to the scene. After observing a vehicle, they then decided to move in and three men were arrested for offences relating to the manufacture and supply of illegal drugs. After they were led away, officers remained at the scene to guard a hire van containing suspected cannabis plants and another Mercedes van which had a smashed front window, Full Reaction.....


'looked quite stunned'
June 14th 2006

Georgetown,Guyana: Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan on Monday sentenced a manAnderson looked quite stunned when the magistrate announced the three-year sentence... to three years in prison together with a fine of $10,000 after he admitted to trafficking in ganja. Wayne Anderson (no address given) had 14 grammes of cannabis on June 9 for the purpose of trafficking. Anderson without hesitation told the court that he had bought the ganja to smoke. He stated that the amount would have lasted him for about four days. Anderson after pleading guilty to the charge of trafficking in narcotics looked quite stunned when the magistrate announced the three-year sentence, not really surprising eh.


'they found three potted plants, wow'
Jim Wright
June 14th 2006

Windsor>NY- a vain attempt was made to extinguish the blaze...Two tenants of an apartment in the Town of Windsor have been given court appearance tickets for misdemeanor violations of the state's Public Health Law after firefighters discovered marijuana plants in their unit. Firefighters were called to 1996 Route 79 about 11:55 a.m. Tuesday for a fire that was confined to a room on the ground floor of a three-unit, two-story apartment building. When firefighters searched the building to make sure the fire was extinguished, they found three potted plants in a second-floor apartment occupied by Adam Peiffer, 21, and Kyle Hayes, 22. Peiffer was charged with unlawful cultivation of cannabis, a misdemeanor, and Hayes was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation, Full Blaze....


'a bit of personal'
June 14th 2006

A farmer from El Arish, near Cairns in far north Queensland, has spent his first nightcyclone Larry had wiped out his tropical fruit trees... in jail after being imprisoned for growing nearly 1,000 cannabis plants. John Phillip McDonald was sentenced to three years jail after pleading guilty to producing a dangerous drug and possessing equipment used to produce drugs.The Supreme Court heard police found 970 immature cannabis plants when they searched his El Arish property in August 2004. McDonald's lawyer asked for leniency because his client had fallen on bad times and cyclone Larry had wiped out his tropical fruit trees. But Justice Stanley Jones said there were too many plants to believe they were for personal use. McDonald also had a previous conviction for producing marijuana:


'A drug retailer with a mystery illness'
June 13th 2006

A drug had undiagnosed health problems..retailer with a mystery illness won a court's mercy and kept his freedom - but a judge warned him he couldn't play the same "card," again.Burnley Crown Court heard how Keith Goode, 29, had cannabis to the tune of almost £3,000 at his Barnoldswick home and owned up to supplying one nine ounce bar to callers every seven to 10 days.
Goode, who used £20 worth of the drug a day himself, had undiagnosed health problems, as well as spinal difficulties, was having an MRI scan and other treatment and feared he would not getthe medical help he needed in custody. The defendant, of Lower Rook Street, Barnoldswick, admitted supplying cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply, Full Scan........


'violation of RA 9165'
Gilbert Bayoran
June 12th 2006

An alleged cultivator of marijuana plants was arrested yesterday in a raid on ayielded 32 fully-grown marijuana plants.. compound in Hacienda Camantero 2, Brgy. Guimbalaon, Silay City. The raid, jointly conducted by Silay policemen and troopers of the 6th Regional Mobile Group, yielded 32 fully-grown marijuana plants, about four feet tall, and led to the arrest of Ramil Casipe, 26, a resident of the hacienda. Six years ago, the Silay police also raided the same area and recovered more than 60 marijuana seedlings and fully-grown plants, police records show. SPO1 Dante Victor Escorpion, chief of the Silay PNP Vice Control Section, said Casipe was also arrested in previous years for violation of RA 9165. However, Casipe was freed from jail when the drug-related charges filed against him were dismissed by the court, Escorpion added, Full Violation......


'his first ever venture into growing cannabis'
June 11th 2006

A failed police caught him sat on a doorstep smoking a joint...businessman's £10,000 cannabis farm was busted after police caught him sat on a doorstep smoking a joint. Grower David Crute, 48, had converted his attic into a makeshift cannabis factory.He had also sabotaged his fuse box to re-route electricity to the attic. Crute, of Eskdale Street, Hetton, told police he intended to sell 1.5kg of the plants - with a street value of £10,000 - to pay off debts. Prosecuting, Natalie Wortley said police had searched his house on January 17, discovering 26 mature cannabis plants. Mitigating, Nigel Adkin asked Judge Beatrice Bolton not to send Crute to jail. He said: "It was his first ever venture into growing cannabis. He was no expert." He said Crute was dependant on cannabis, smoking up to two ounces a week, adding, Full Venture....


'a drugs, poisons and controlled substances warrant'
June 10th 2006

A chap accused of growing more than 120 cannabis plants in a shipping container onwas granted bail yesterday his Lal Lal property was granted bail yesterday. Ballarat Magistrates Court heard Jason Oates, 35, allegedly connected power and water to the container, and secured the front doors with two large padlocks. The court heard the Sunicrust employee was arrested on June 2 after police executed a drugs, poisons and controlled substances warrant at his Clarendon Rd home. Ballarat Regional Response Unit Senior Constable Paul Taylor said, during a contested bail application, that police found a hydroponic system set up for the cultivation of cannabis and two, 20cm tall plants growing in containers of growing wool and water, More.....


'a large amount of heat radiating'
June 9th 2006

Policehelicopter discovered hundreds of cannabis plants... circling a Taunton Deane housing estate in a helicopter discovered hundreds of cannabis plants being cultivated under lamps. The thermal imaging equipment picked up on a large amount of heat radiating from Paul Cole's house in Rockwell Green, Wellington, which raised suspicion. On searching the house on March 9 this year, they discovered 281 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of £17,984.Cole, 37, admitted growing the plants using a hydroponic system, but it was accepted they were for non-commercial use and that some of them would die before reaching maturity, Full Circle......


'charges dropped after police cock-up''
June 9th 2006

Thursday, June 8: Magistrates in Hemel Hempstead have called for an explanation vital paperwork was not produced in court...from police after the case against a man arrested, in a high profile cannabis factory raid, was discharged, because vital paperwork was not produced in court. Kien Trung Phan, aged 24, was charged with cultivating cannabis after police raided a house in Dunlin Road, Grovehill and found about 240 large cannabis plants in one room, 80 smaller plants in another room and seedlings in cupboards. At an earlier hearing Andrew Sarkanay, of the Crown Prosecution Service said Phan was a lowly cog, not the brains, of an organisation which depended on people like him to do the minor tasks, Full Cock-up...


'discovery of a cannabis factory in Bishop's Stortford'
Dan Barden
June 9th 2006

2 menthe pair could face up to 14 years in prison and have their assets seized... arrested in connection with the discovery of a cannabis factory in Bishop's Stortford have denied cultivating the drug and stealing electricity. More than 500 cannabis plants that covered all three floors of a house in Cavell Drive, as well as some plants already harvested, were found when police raided the property last Wednesday morning. Cultivation equipment including powerful lights that diverted power from the mains, insulating material, ventilation pipes and fertiliser were also found. Chinese national Choi Va Hang, 26, a waiter, of Cavell Drive, was arrested at another address and charged with cultivation of cannabis plants, abstracting electricity and possessing a small amount of cannabis, Full Discovery......


'search operations'
June 8th 2006

Two individuals have been arrested and charged with drug related offences following an operation undertaken by the Federation’s security officers last week. Last Friday, officers of the Royal St. Christopher/Nevis Police and the St. Kitts Nevis Defence Forces carried out several “search operations” in Basseterre and St. Peters. The searches yielded “a number of cannabis plants and vegetable material” with an estimated street value of $2,300. The catch was taken into police custody, More...


'the people he supplied were all regular drug users'
June 8th 2006

A drug retailer who sold cannabis to friends to fund his 46-year habit has been spared jail.admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply.. Sixty-year-old Thomas Harney yesterday told New-castle Crown Court he had been smoking cannabis since he was 14, and did not intend to stop. But the judge warned him if he did not change his ways he would end up behind bars. Harney admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply and possession of amphetamine when police raided his home in Fountains Court, Hebburn, on November 7, last year. He showed officers to a cupboard where there was 66.6g of cannabis resin stored in a multi-vitamin container, 18g of cannabis mixed with tobacco in a pouch, and a paper wrap containing 1.22g amphetamine powder, Full Supply....


'surrendered to authorities'
June 7th 2006

A 35-year-Help required..old man allegedly linked to a marijuana grow house raided almost a month ago surrendered to authorities Monday, according to an arrest affidavit obtained Tuesday. Meanwhile, the city filed papers Tuesday to seize two more homes connected the grow house investigation, bringing the total to six homes they hope to gain through forfeiture.
Boanerge Gutierrez faces felony cultivation of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to distribute charges in connection with the May 9 search of the home he rents in the 400 block of Southwest Tulip Boulevard. The garage was converted into a marijuana grow room, and police found 20 pot plants, Full Tale...


'remanded to prison'
June 6/6/6

A 21-year-old West Ruimveldt man who was allegedly found growing ganja plants in hisStyson Mac Million Bahadur of 31 Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt... yard and who is accused of having the illegal substance in his possession when police visited his home, was on Friday remanded to prison by Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan. Styson Mac Million Bahadur of 31 Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt, pleaded not guilty to possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and cultivating a prohibited plant when he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrate's Court. It is alleged that on Thursday, Bahadur had 458 grammes of cannabis. On the same day, he reportedly cultivated cannabis. The matter continues on June 12.


'possession of a dangerous drug'
June 5th 2006

A 40-year-oldwill appear in Richlands Magistrates' Court man has been charged after the discovery of a large hydroponic cannabis operation in Brisbane.A police spokeswoman today said several cannabis plants and hydroponic production items were found after officers searched a Sumner business in Brisbane's southwest at 1.30pm (AEST) yesterday. The man, from Gailes in Brisbane's southwest, has been charged with one count each of producing a dangerous drug, possession of a dangerous drug, and possessing items used in a crime. He will appear in Richlands Magistrates' Court on July 14.


'served his country well'
June 4th 2006

A former soldier who grew cannabis which he used to help relieve the chronic pain of injurieshelp relieve the chronic pain of injuries suffered in combat... suffered in combat was spared jail yesterday. Paul Harper was arrested after police raided his home in Marina View, Wallsend, and found a cannabis farm with 29 plants, growing with the aid of sophisticated lighting and watering equipment. The crop's potential street value was estimated at £11,000, but Newcastle Crown Court heard it was accepted he had grown the plants for medical reasons.Harper, 48, admitted cultivating cannabis in March last year on the basis he had grown the plants for his own use to alleviate arthritis, Full Excuse.....


'cannabis in a freezer'
Ruth O'Kelly-Lynch
June 3rd 2006

A man in here....its on top dudeaccused of importing $500,000 worth of cannabis in a freezer repeatedly asked when the item would be ready for pick-up, a BEST Shipping employee told a Supreme Court jury yesterday. Jamal Hart is accused of importing the 24 pounds worth of cannabis on or about July 13, 2003. It is alleged that Customs officers discovered the drugs in a freezer Hart imported. BEST Shipping employee Alynn Pitcher said Hart, who was logistics manager for The HWP Group, repeatedly sent emails and left messages inquiring when the freezer would be ready for pick-up. Ms Pitcher said she grew frustrated and informed him that as soon as it was ready she would contact him. Before he could pick up the freezer, Full Tale....


Too loud man......
Derek Simmonsen/Will Greenlee
June 2nd 2006

Port st Lucie>Too loud man...... It was a call to police about a man playing his drums to loud that first drew officers to the home on Southwest Glenwood Drive. Now, after more than 30 homes have been searched and dozens of people arrested in connection with marijuana grow houses over the past several weeks, the city has formally moved to seize the house where everything first began. Court papers were filed late Thursday to acquire 135 Southwest Glenwood Drive through forfeiture as the city claims it was being used to grow marijuana. According to the forfeiture claim, officers first went to the house May 8 after getting a report of a man chasing another man with a machete. They found the rear sliding glass door of the house shattered and marijuana leaves could be seen, Full Loss...


Operation Miss which has hit about 10 cannabis factories
June 2nd 2006

PoliceFurther police raids were expected to be carried out.... discovered a cannabis factory when they raided a house in Bishop's Stortford yesterday. All three floors of the terraced building in Cavell Drive were a jungle of hundreds of flourishing cannabis plants, some reaching up to waist height, and cultivation equipment.There were also remnants of plants already harvested with cut leaves littering the floor and plastic flowerpots containing just earth and severed stalks. Powerful lights hung precariously from a tangle of electric cables - diverted from the mains - strung across the ceilings and throughout the house, Full Operations....


'Soap Bar'
Malta>di-ve news
June 2nd 2006

Chris Grech, 24 from Hamrun, was arraigned in court charged with trafficking three police had been long suspecting that Grech was trafficking...and a half kilos of cannabis resin in Bahar ic-Caghaq. The police told court how Grech, together with another man who is still being interrogated by the police, was seen placing a sack containing soap, inside which cannabis resin was hidden, in a street in Bahar ic-Caghaq, to be collected by someone else. Inspector Nezren Griscti who led the prosecution, said that the police had been long suspecting that Grech was trafficking cannabis. On a number of occasions in fact, Grech, together with another man, were noticed driving to Bahar ic-Caghaq in a red Peugeot straight to Evangelista Street in Bahar ic-Caghaq and leave the drugs there, More...